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Bunny Baby Shower Invitations

Bunny baby shower invitations are one of the modern and cute baby shower invitations widely used to invite the near & dear ones. A bunny baby shower invitation can be purchased from the internet or by visiting a local card gallery, where a couple can explore a wide array of cards to shortlist a final one. These invitation messages can be printed by providing the adorable bunny pictures, effective baby shower saying and invitation wording to personalize it in a unique manner. Teddy Bear shower invitations and Winnie the pooh baby shower invitations are some of the examples of bunny baby shower invitations. You can use a homemade bunny baby shower invitation also if you can draft an impressive one at home.

Sample Bunny baby shower invitations:

(a)A little bunny is happy to say,

Because Amy and Tim are soon going to be three!

Dear Mr. & Mrs Anderson! We are glad to announce the baby shower function of our daughter Amy Williams. Please come and bless our daughter and her unborn child!

The venue is as following:

Place: Hotel Hilton, 3rd floor, Bakers Street, New York, America

Date: Tuesday, April 4th, 2011

Time: at sharp 6: 00 pm

(b)Oh its God’s bless! What a joy!

Susan and Jim send a bunny to say they are expecting a baby boy!

Please join us for the baby shower occasion of the couple and prepare the new mother for the biggest day of her life!

House no: 45, Bakers Road, New York, America

Date: Monday, April 2th, 2011

Time: at sharp 2: 00 pm

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