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Best Baby Shower Invitations

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Best baby shower invitations are drafted with unique invitation quotes, creative picture messages with amazing layouts. A well drafted baby shower invitations makes the occasion even more special.

Sample Best Baby Shower Invitations:

(a)Tiny figures small toes,

Teeny tiny beautiful clothes,

Dolls, dresses, bows and curls,

Guess what, we are awaiting for our baby girl!

A baby shower function is organized to celebrate Brenda’s first baby on December 15th, 2010 at sharp 5pm, the venue is as following:

Place: Hotel Mountain, 6th floor, Spencer road, New York, America

(b)Crass, robots, trucks and dolls,

What we are having? Nobody knows,

You are cordially invited for baby shower chows!

Jacky and Jane Smith are expecting a new baby. We are requesting your kind presence to prepare Jacky for the great day of her life. Details of the party are as follows:

Venue: Hotel Kindergarten, princess floor, New Bakers Street, Toronto, America.

Date: December 16th, 2010

Time: sharp 4pm

(c) Bibs, diapers, booties and pins and more,

This is what a baby shower for!

Let’s get together to have a blast and to wish the expecting parents Hannah & David Williams a very happy baby shower.

Venue: Williams mention, 6th cross, Near Timberlake Society New York, America

Date: December 14th, 2010

Time: sharp 10 am

(d)They are expecting a baby girl,

Bring a lot of dolls and frills!

Monica & Harry Hudson are the new parents expecting a baby girl. Your presence is requested to congratulate the couple and to celebrate the occasion of baby shower.

Place: Sun Rise Apartments, Salt Lake City, New York, America

Date: December 16th, 2010

Time: sharp 11am

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