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Beach Baby Shower Invitations

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Beach baby shower invitations are one of the innovative and specially designed messages widely used by the expecting parents to send invitation of a baby shower party to the close relatives & friends. A little chubby baby playing on the beach in unique poses, perfectly outlined invitation pattern with venue details make a perfect beach baby shower invitation. However, such an invitation is widely used when the couple decides to throw a beach party to friends & relatives for making the baby shower remarkable. No matter if you are planning to e-mail or post such an invitation. Visit nearly located good card gallery and pick up the wonderful baby shower invitation or browse through a number of leading websites for placing an online order. A handmade beach baby shower can also be used to send the invitation. Print the desired picture of a baby playing on the beach, use a rainbow colour umbrella with sparks and beads to write the baby shower saying, if you are planning for craft a handmade beach baby shower invitation.

Sample Beach Baby shower invitations:

(a)There are only two months to the day

This little beach baby is on the way!

You are heartily invited to join the baby shower occasion of Amy & Jack Hudson. The venue is:

Place: Hotel Greenland, cathedral road, Toronto, Canada

Date: Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Time: at 5: 00 pm

(b) A little baby girl is so much fun; Lucy & Tim decide to have another one!

You are requested to spare time to join the baby shower occasion of Lucy Spencer. Please come to bless the unborn baby and the new mother.


Beach Resort, 9 Spencer Street, New York, America

On Sunday, March 13th, 2011 at sharp 4: 00 pm

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