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Baby Shower Party Invitations

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Baby shower party invitations are sent by or on behalf of expecting parents to friends and family members to invite them to bless the mother and the unborn child and have a get-together to enjoy the occasion. There can be many different types of baby shower parties where different themes are applied so that the party becomes more interesting. Accordingly, the invitation cards also have different themes, both in design and content. For example, some may focus on an aquatic them while others may have a funny theme. Guests also bring gifts for the mother which she may need during and after childbirth. In some cases, guests may be asked to wear certain costumes to go with the theme of the baby shower. The baby shower invitation must include these details: The party information must be clearly mentioned in the invitation, that is, the date, time, venue of the party, along with names and contact numbers of the host or organiser; besides that, there are some funny or poetic lines written at the beginning or end of an invitation just to lighten the mood or according to the theme of the baby shower. Drawings can also be made or craftwork can be done on these invitations.

Sample Baby Shower Party Invitations:

  • It’s a baby shower!

As you know, Jenny is expecting her baby soon and we invite you to join us for her baby shower so that you can bless the mother and child. The details of the party are as follows:

Place: Wesley Hall, King’s Road, Ohio

Date: September 2, 2011, Monday at 1: 00 pm



Phone number: 4857485743

  • You are cordially invited to celebrate the baby shower of Rachel Brown. Please join us at:

Place: Creation Hall, 3rd floor, Ohio

Date: September 13, 2011, Friday at 2: 00 pm


Roberta Brown

Phone number: 4587438835

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