Baby shower invitations


Baby shower parties are a ritual for celebrating the joy of arrival of a child in the family. Friends and relatives of the couple come together for celebrating the occasion. They present gifts to the would-be mother. It’s organized for greeting the couple and sharing their joy with close friends, church groups or colleagues.

Invitees are sent their invitation stating the date, time and place of the event. The parties are usually held a month or two ahead of the baby’s birth. However, most modern parties are held after the birth and invitations often contain the baby’s gender.

As for the invitation itself, you could use a software which has several varied styles of writing besides the many colors and themes to choose from. Here you would be able to type out all the words and verses that would convey your thought to everybody. Your computer would let you select the different styles and colors that you wish your baby shower party invitation to be like. It gives you a chance for getting creative and introduces the tone and theme of the party.

Following are some baby shower party invitations

  • A baby shower for celebrating Anne’s new baby boy Jeffrey Kendall ― a handsome bundle of joy! Saturday, 1st May, 12 noon to 2 pm at Stephanie’s café. RSVP Vivian Roy Kendall 555-123-2346.
  • Let’s come together for celebrating the arrival of John Roger’s little new sister. Saturday, 11 June, 2010, 11 am at McQueen’s and Laura; 1256 Main Street. Regrets only 555-123-2436.

Baby shower invitations

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