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Baby Shower Invitations in Spanish

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Baby shower invitations in Spanish are similar to any general baby shower invitation but the wording is in Spanish. The concept of baby showers is actually American, although in every culture there is some custom which honours the baby and the mother by offering prayers, a get-together or a feast. This tradition has now become very popular among South American and Spanish-speaking countries and also among Spanish speaking communities in the US. Like any other baby shower, the time, date, venue of the party must be written along with the name of the mother, it would read something like this: Le invitamos cordialmente a la ducha del bebé de María, que se celebrará el domingo en el Salón de la Iglesia de San Pablo a la 1 pm. The theme of the baby shower, for example ‘nature’ can also be mentioned this way: El tema de la ducha del bebé es la naturaleza.

Sample Baby Shower Invitations in Spanish:

  • Por favor únase a Lisa de su baby shower. El tema de la ducha del bebé es la música así que por favor traiga su álbum de música favorita para poder tocar nuestras canciones favoritas.



Lugar: Lion’s Club, Dallas

Fecha: November 8, 2011, Sunday at 1: 00 pm

Número de teléfono: 89354935893

  • Por favor únase a nosotros para baby shower de Katherine y su ducha belssings en la madre y el niño.



Lugar: 21 Carlsbad Drive, New Mexico

Fecha: November 8, 2011, Friday at 1: 00 pm

Número de teléfono: 84939300

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