Baby shower invitation ideas

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A baby shower invitation idea could help expectant mothers, regardless of whether it’s their first or third child, to ease their strains at such a time when lots of things occupy their mind. Besides the emotional tension and physical pains of their impending labor, the mother-to-be could relieve herself of worries. The baby shower parties are designed by an expectant mothers close friends and family members, usually held sometime within the 10 months of pregnancy.

A fine baby shower party invitation ideas is to go for economical invitations. These invitations could be handmade, printed or even obtained from the internet, depending upon an individual’s responsibility in arranging the event. Usually, moms-to-be like to involve themselves in deciding the theme for the baby shower invitation.

You could also opt for homemade baby shower invitation ideas and themes. You might fancy a Disney influenced theme or a fairy tale theme. A good idea could be to fasten the printed invitation to pacifiers or tie it with a ribbon and then put it inside powder puff canisters or baby feeding bottles.

Here are some baby shower party invitation ideas

  • A baby shower party for celebrating Stephanie’s expecting child ― an attractive bundle of joy! Sunday, 1st June, 11 am to 2 pm at Joie’s café. The party theme is “wild wild west”. RSVP Gable O’Hara 555-231-2349.
  • Eddie’s little sister is due soon. So, let’s bond together and celebrate the forthcoming occasion on Friday, 19th August, 2010, at Holy Church of the Mother at 1562 Lexington Street. Regrets only 555-123-2342.
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