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Angel Baby Shower Invitations

Angel baby shower invitations are those invitation messages, which are sent by the expecting parents to the near & dear ones to invite them on the baby shower function. A little angel with a newly born baby, a couple of angels gathered around a cute baby and an angel with a pregnant mother are some of the adorable invitation images of such an invitation message. As the name suggests, an angel baby shower invitation is outlined with an exceptional invitation format and consists of delightful invitation wording & sayings, which leave a remarkable impact on the mind of the reader. You can find a wide range of angel baby shower invitations on the online card stores and local card galleries. A rainbow colour paper, colourful glue, beads & stars and a few pictures of baby angels are sufficient to prepare a wonderful angel baby shower invitation at home.

Sample Angel baby shower invitations

  1. The Smith’s are soon growing by two little feet of an angel,

It time to have fun and party together!

Dear Tom! We are happy to announce the baby shower juncture of our daughter- in Law Jules Smith. Please come to bless the mother- to –be and the little unborn baby! The venue is:

Place: Hotel Hilton, First Street, Baker Mall, New York, America

Date: On Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at sharp 9: 00 am

  1. It may be girl, it may be a baby boy,

Either the way, this little angel is going to bring love & joy!

You are requested to join the baby shower occasion honouring Diana Timberlake. The venue is:

Place: Apartment No: 34/ K, 6th floor, Spencer Street, New York, America.

Date: On Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at sharp 10: 00 am

R.S.V.P: Timberlake Family!

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