African American baby shower invitation

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You don’t need to put together any run-of-the-mill baby shower Afro-American baby shower invitation, comprising the same themes, games and refreshments as all other showers. Instead, you can plan an event which would fully celebrate the cultural influences of African-Americans.

Africans use frequent blessings in acts that are simple as a greeting to more serious parties and rituals. The beliefs are that if many people bestow somebody with any particular blessing, as in the case of a baby shower party, a healthy child would arrive in the home. For instance, you could ask your invitees to stand together for reciting a traditional blessing of Nuer people of western Ethiopia or southern Sudan. Alternatively, you could also ask your guests to write the blessings for the child and place them inside a decorative bowl for reading later and keeping forever.

As Afro-American people have their distinct cultural traditions, baby shower party invitations could be designed on those lines. There are several ways by which the invitation card could be made interesting and attractive. However, it’s always better to have a theme for the baby shower as the guests would know what to expect at the party.

Here are some African-American baby shower invitation examples.

  • You are hereby cordially invited to the baby shower celebration for Bianco Brianne. Saturday, 10th March, 7685 Palmetto Lane. Regrets only Augustus Brianne 557-897-0073.
  • Miles Parker warmly invites you to the dedication of daughter Bianca on Saturday, 22 August, 2008 on and from 12 noon at St. Augustine Chapel on Partington Road.
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