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How to Write a baby shower invitation card

November 8th, 2012 No comments

Baby shower is a fun-filled celebratory occasion, where friends and family come together to offer their support and best wishes for the expecting parents. Invitation cards of the shower also play an important role in setting the tone of the party.

Besides including party details, you can use your creativity, to make the invitations more exciting. Here are some instructions on how to write a baby shower invitation card. You should choose the words, which express how you are planning to celebrate the event.

  • Select a theme for the baby shower party, which will be helpful for choosing the wording. A peculiar, fanciful theme requires very creative use of words, whereas a traditional shower requires simple wording which is to the point.
  • The greeting that you write should convey what is the invitation about, to your guests. You can keep it simple such as “You are invited to a baby shower for Lily Evans!”
  • Specify the details of the party, including the date, time and venue. You can list this information in any order that you like.
  • Provide your contact details such as telephone number and email for your guests to RSVP. You may also specify the date by which the guests need to respond, which will help you in the arrangement of food. The RSVP information can be used by the invitees for any queries regarding the party.
  • You can add information about where the mom-to-be is registered for the gifts. Theme of the party, if any, should also be mentioned; as some guests may purchase presents, according to the theme.
  • If you are planning on a dress code, inform the same to your guests; be it formal or casual.
  • Include directions to the location of the party. You can get direction cards separately printed and affix them to the invitations, using paper clips. You can find paper clips in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors and you can choose the one which matches the invitation card.
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Cute Things to Write on Baby shower invitations

November 5th, 2012 No comments

Planning a baby shower is a big ordeal. There are games, food and many fun-filled activities to be planned. A party invitation is equally important to plan. If you are a little choosy with the wording, the invitation cards may take some time to prepare.

Selecting the right words for your baby shower is essential, as it sets the party tone. Here we specify some cute things to write on baby shower invitations, which will help make the occasion more exciting.

Theme based Wording

What things to write in your invitation, basically spring from the theme of the party. If you decide on a theme, you can include related words in the invitation. If it’s going to be casual themed party, you can specify it in the card. Fun themes, based on balloon and teddy bear party require funny and informal wordings.

You can use poems, quotes or you can even create your own lines. Several websites on the internet offer plenty of sample writings for invitations. You can pick the suitable and most catchy wordings

which best express your shower party, for instance:

“Diapers and bibs, bottles and more

That’s what Baby Showers are for!”

Gender specific

Your invitation can be general or gender specific. If you are making the gender of the baby known to your guests you can use words like:
“A giggle, a curl,
a sweet little smile.
A baby girl’s coming
in just a short while!”
“Cute and cuddly,
a bundle of joy,
our mommy-to-be
is expecting a boy!”

Kiddie Rhymes

It is a great idea to use baby rhymes in the invitation. You can make use of nursery rhymes or lyrics of songs, which are popular with the kids. Famous rhymes like Baa Baa Black sheep, Hickory, Dickory, Dock and Humpty Dumpty can make interesting invitation cards.
“Twinkle twinkle little star,
How we wonder who you are.
A little girl or little boy,
You’re sure to bring a lot of joy!”

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Ideas to Put on Baby Shower Invitations

November 3rd, 2012 No comments

Here are some baby shower invitation ideas that are designed around a theme for the party. Baby showers traditionally include lots of fun, food and exciting activities but more significantly, it is about supporting the expectant parents with loads of wishes and useful suggestions. Here are some great ideas to put on baby shower invitations, which will help create special memories that last for many years.

Children’s Book
You can ask your guests to include their favorite children’s book, which will go into the new baby’s library.  It also makes everyone reminisce their memories at the shower. You can write a note in the invitation card, reminding the guests to write a few words inside the book, on the front page for the child, about why that particular book was their favorite.

Balloon Invitation

A creative way of writing baby shower invitation, is using a balloon. Blow it up to write your message and then deflate it, so as to mail it to the invites. Write a separate note, which instructs your guests to blow the balloon up, in order to read it. Use glitter and decorate it with tiny baby bottles.

Ultrasound Invitation

If you are planning to go for an unusual invitation card, then ultrasound works best. When you get the ultrasound picture, while visiting the doctor, scan it and make multiple copies. Write the baby shower invitation information on the back of the picture and mail it to your guests.

Bottled Message

A bottled baby shower invitation definitely adds a unique touch to your party. Write the information about shower on a long, thin piece of paper, which will easily fit in the bottle. You can add some confetti into each bottle. You may use glitter, lace or ribbon for decoration.

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